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    ProMind Complex: Why the hype?

    Natural health supplements have traditionally had a bad rap. They have often been pegged as ineffective, risky, and downright necessary. But if recent statistics are anything to go by, natural health supplements are gaining massive popularity. Everyone, from children, pregnant women and the elderly, can now use them to address their specific needs. In fact, […] More

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    A Personal Guide to Manifesting Anything

    Since it was popularized by the 2006 bestseller The Secret, manifestation has been endorsed and adopted the world over including by some notable names like Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra among others. Manifestation means coming up with aspirational thoughts and having a plan to follow through with them until your vision is actualized. Often […] More

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    How to Improve Your Golf Swing to Pro Level

    The proverbial perfect swing without pulls, slices, or even injuries is the stuff of dreams for both seasoned and amateur gold players.  This is because even with all the good equipment and training, it always boils down to who has the best swing in the tournament.  Equipment won’t also make up for bad technique and […] More

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    Top Holiday Destinations for The Budget Traveler

    When most people mention affordable destinations to travel to, they mostly mention destinations for families, honeymooners, and other people who have an above-average budget to spend.   With packages for these groups of people, the budget traveler is often left to scour the internet for affordable destinations to travel without breaking the bank on their own.  […] More

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